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Americana revue at Eastburn tonight

Portland is great. reminds me of VT quite a lot. I’ve heard good things about Eastburn, too, in terms of music, crowd, and beers. Very excited to play here on a weekend night. It’ll be an Americana revue: Greg Mulkern providing some old-time banjo picking, some folk-rock from Dan Leslie, and an acoustic Leland Sundries show. The fun starts at 10pm.

Had a great time in Portland last night at the White Eagle Saloon and Union Jack’s. This feels like a climax to the trip, a culmination of things, and a long way from San Francisco.

Coffee Garden last night, Trove up next

Really enjoyed playing at the Coffee Garden last night. Played outdoors in the backyard surrounded by plants. Hoses shot mist all around us. a very cool spot in Sacramento, and it cooled down as it got dark. Thought Dan’s highlight was “Lower East Side” and mine “Monitor Arms,” my ode to Greenpoint’s nautical history.

We’re driving to the coast today, via wine country. So many climates in CA! It’s a few days until the next show and I know I need a little tune up on a few songs but I think last night was a great start. Going to check out Sacramento before taking off. Got up early this morning but a lazy start. Looking forward to meeting the other bands in OR.

finishing recording EP, celebrating w/ show

last-minute acoustic show added Fri at 7pm at Spike Hill Grill and will be in celebratory mood. in the afternoon, i’ll finish sessions for my first EP and then send it off to the UK to be mixed. it better not come back sounding like oasis! no cover fri: come say hi.


We have started sessions for the EP at the Creamery Studio. Rhythm tracks are down and we’re scheduled for vocals and other sessions at the end of February. Looking at an early fall release.

“Ween-meets-Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy”

In their listing for Friday’s show at Tommy’s Tavern (1041 Manhattan Ave, off the Greenpoint Ave G, free, with Dan Leslie + Captain Ahab & The Sea Crackens + Magnolia), Time Out NY says:

“Leland Sundries is the project of Nick Loss-Eaton. He blends oddball storytelling with a lo-fi country sensibility for a Ween-meets-Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy feel.”

Gig poster

Check out the awesome design and humor and randomness blog Never Slap The Gift Donkey, where the new Dan Kaplan-designed gig poster is, uh, posted.

December 18 at Trash Bar at 8pm for $6 and 1-hour of open bar, LS will play a big set with at least 1/3 new songs!

NYC gig, New England press

Dispatch from LS HQ:

Big show coming up Dec 18 at Trash Bar: new songs! open bar during our set! full electric show! Giant koala bears (not really)!

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Enough Cowbell

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Love, LS

7 Days (Burlington, VT) says…

Dan Bolles at 7 Days, an alt-weekly in Burlington, VT, writes, “We don’t give a lot of ink to The Purple Moon Pub in Waitsfield, but there’s a show this Tuesday that indie-folk fans will want to put on their radar. First up is quirky Brooklyn act Leland Sundries, which has some definitively Cracker-esque influences. The headlining act is a fellow named Dan Kaplan, whom discerning alt-country acolytes will remember from acclaimed outfit The Still. Not to be confused with Montréal’s The Stills, of course.”