Month: October 2010

Union Hall, Brooklyn flyer

indianapolis flyer

(is that an ape made of chocolate?)

stream LS set from Brooklyn 10/13

Saratoga Springs, NY

We’d just confirmed the new venue a week ago and it was a minor miracle. (We met the miracle worker, the fantastic Jason Brown, who kept us sounding good all night.) The drive down from Burlington was full …

Tour updates

Head over to Twitter or Facebook for updates from the road. Somerville was a blast, ragged but right. Dan Kaplan sat in on a couple of songs and he and Will Levith rocked up “High On The Plains” …

press buzz on the apothecary ep

My Old Kentucky Blog posted two mp3s and said, “What Lou Reed would sound like if he was asked to front Tom Waits’ Mule Variations band… Highly recommended to fans of Leonard Cohen.” Blurt gave the album 8 …

Oh My Sweet Cantankerous Baby

One of the most startling things that you find is that is that when jarring events occur, everyday life doesn’t stop or even slow down. Download the mp3 here.